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Luna Lunera: Poems al-Andalus by Loss Pequeno Glazier

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Loss Pequeno Glazier lives and writes in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, but his perspective soars way beyond his home. The four chapters provide four settings for the poems in this collection. They follow the evolution of poetry beginning with images drawn on the walls of Spanish caves, and from there move to Japan and then to a redwood forest at the sea and finally to Moorish buildings. The poems are also expansive in the use of technology and coding in their composition as Glazier was the author of the first book devoted to digital poetics. The process of composing these poems started with screen-based digital work providing multiple alternative lines. Then they were shaped by using computer coding. Then they were used as scripts for a solo dancer’s performance. Then they were projected onto a screen to accompany a public dance performance. Finally, they were publicly read in a performances in Buffalo in North America, in three South American venues and seven European venues. The author, Loss Pequeno Glazier was born in South Texas and has worked as a professor in Buffalo, New York.

San Francisco: Night Horn Books, 2020. 92 pages. Trade paperback