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Little One by Timothy G. Huguenin

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            Timothy Huguenin grew up in the Canaan Valley of West Virginia, and now lives about an hour and a half drive from there over windy roads in Bartow, West Virginia a town of 111 residents in the 2010 census. This novel finds its protagonist, Kelsea Stone, relocating from Los Angeles to a haunted house her dead parents have willed to her in the Canaan Valley. “Little One is a frostbitten chiller that takes the traditional haunted house tale into fresh and intriguing territory. Bundle up and dig in!” – Mark Carver. “Little One is an absolutely wonderful book, totally captivating and gripping. One of the very best ghost stories I’ve ever read. Very highly recommended!” – John R. Little. “Little One is a charmingly quiet tale of the supernatural in which the human heart prevails over darkness, human beings matter when other things cannot, and we truly care about the protagonist. Huguenin is a write to watch.” – Bruce McAllister.

Bartow, West Virginia: self-published, 2017. 233 pages. Trade paperback