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Life at the Margins: Litracy, Language, and Technology in Everyday Life by Juliet Merrifield, Mary Beth Bingman, David Hemphill and Kathleen P. Bennett deMarrais

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This book is half Appalachia and half California which really helps put Appalachia in context.  Both sections start out with six profiles of people struggling to achieve basic literacy and end up with lessons learned from these profiles. The book came out of the Center fro Literacy Studies in Tennessee at the University of Tennessee.  Juliet Merrifield was its first director, and Mary Beth Bingman was serving as Associate Director when this book came out. Kathleen P. Bennett deMarrais was at UT for nine years and David Hemphill works at San Francisco State University's College of Education.


New York: Teachers College Press, 1997. 228 pages with index, references, and charts.