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Legends, Secrets and Mysteries of Asheville by Marla Hardee Milling

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This book has four parts: Secrets and Mysteries, Hidden Treasures, Legends of the Rich and Famous, and Surprising Creations. It is difficult to pick examples out of this book because there are so many, and the author does a really good job of providing historical context for the items and events she highlights. There are connections in Asheville to the Hope Diamond, Amelia Earhart, Vince Lombardi and Elvis. The contents of time capsules are revealed here, as well as some interesting Goodwill finds! This is the second book of the author, an Asheville native, after Only in Asheville: An Eclectic History also published by The History Press. After ten years as a news producer and six years promoting a nearby college, she became a free-lance writer in 2004 and has been able to support herself in this fashion ever since.

Charleston, South Carolina: History Press, 2017. 169 pages with an Index, Bibliography, photos, and a Foreword by Jan Schocher. Trade paperback