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Late Night, Early Morning: Stories by Allen Wier

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The Fellowship of Southern Writers honored Allen Wier with their Robert Penn Warren Award. He is Professor Emeritus from the University of Tennessee, but also has served on the faculties of Longwood and Hollins in Virginia and the University of Alabama at Huntsville.  He and his wife live in northeastern Alabama overlooking Guntersville Lake, a Tennessee River reservoir. This is his second short story collection, and he is the author of four novels. “These stories are beautiful and various and deeply satisfying . . .The prose sings; the people are vivid and alive as one’s own personal memories.” - Richard Bausch. “This is a powerful, evocative book filled with the contradictions of loving things you will one day have to leave behind: a place, a person, a mood, a memory, a word. It is full of all things that we look for and return to in our literature: subtle fire, poignant humor, clear-eyed sadness, and layered love.”—Scott Blackwood. “His is an enduring and important voice, illuminating our struggles for connection, for meaning.” - Robert Olen Butler.

Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 2017. 247 pages. Trade paperback.