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Killing Rage: Enduring Racism by bell hooks

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bell hooks is one of America's leading public intellectuals. Well-know as a feminist and anti-racist, she maintains close personal relationships with Gloria Steinem and Cornel West. She also strongly opposes homophobia, militarism, and economic inequality. Well known as a cultural critic, she is also a very spiritual person whose theological thinking honors Buddha, Christ, and other important figures. She grew up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, but after living on both coasts, earning a PhD, and becoming a successful author and speaker, she chose, in 2004, to return to Kentucky - to the town of Berea, Kentucky, which was founded by an abolitionist. This, her twelfth book, contains 23 essays that address the issues mentioned above. The title comes from her essay that addresses how rage against racism can become a healing source of love and strength and a catalyst for positive change.“Her books help us not only to decolonize our minds, souls, and bodies; on a deeper level, they touch our lives.” ―Cornel West.“Almost everyone's assumptions about race will be challenged in this volume . . . Anyone who is not in denial about racism will be motivated to work for its demise after reading Killing Rage.” ―Emerge. “An angry book that pulls no punches . . . Her frankness and willingness to face up to the divisive issues that refuse to go away make her a voice to be reckoned with in the debate on race in America.” ―The New York Review of Books.

New York: Holt Paperback/Henry Holt, a 1996 paperback reprint of a 1995 release. 277 pages with a Selected Bibliography.