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Jewel of the Meadow: History of Blue Sulphur Springs by Irma Smith Cadle

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The Blue Sulphur Springs Pavilion is a Greek Revival structure that stands over a spring, now in the middle of a field. It was constructed in 1834 as part of the Blue Sulphur Springs Resort in southern Greenbrier County, West Virginia, where the Kitchen Creek and Sawmill Hollow valleys meet. It closed in 1859 and became Allegheny College, a school for Baptist ministers that closed two years later. In the Civil War, both sides used the property as a camp and hospital, but in 1864 the Union Army burned all but the Pavilion to prevent the Confederates from further using it. The author of this book is an avid preservationist who grew up in the area and attended a one-room school nearby. After a forty-five-year career in business in Washington, D.C., she has returned to Grassy Meadows, West Virginia.

Grassy Meadows, West Virginia: Grassy Meadows Publishing Company, 2019. 60 pages with an Index, Bibliography, and color photos. Trade paperback.