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Intentional Fallacies by Edison Jennings

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The greatest intentional fallacy that emerges from this volume of poetry is that only sophisticated fine art matters, not folk art. It is  a fallacy and it is intentionally perpetrated.  Jennings benefits from and incorporated both traditions. “These poems show the work of an exemplary craftsman who brings to his craft delight in discovery and plenty of affection, which are so needed in our present moment. This is an elegant and moving collection, one I will go back to again and again – Maurice Manning. “Edison Jennings’ poems are full of life. His poetry is vigorous, sonically delightful, and brims with felt experience.” Ernest F. Suarez.  The poet, Edison Jennings lives in the coalfields of Southwestern Virginia and works as a Head Start bus driver.

Frankfort, Kentucky: Broadstone, 2021. 63 pages. Trade paperback.