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Insatiable by Jeff Mann

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Jeff Mann is a professor at Virginia Tech, best known for his book, Loving Mountains, Loving Men, published by Ohio University Press. He is also the author of another essay collection, three poetry chapbooks, two story collections, and four previous novels. Insatiable includes a plethora of elements that will likely appeal to many, but not all, readers. The setting is West Virginia, where the author, Jeff Mann, grew up. The plot concerns a violent struggle between the thugs of Alpha Coal and environmental activists. It is also a love story between West Virginia native, Matt Taylor, and a Scotsman, Derek Maclaine, who is an immortal vampire in cahoots with werewolves and witches who join in his environmental crusade. And then there is the gay sex - primarily of the sadomasochistic variety.

Insatiable by Jeff Mann. Maple Shade, New Jersey: Unzipped/Lethe Press, 2017. 266 pages. Trade paperback