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In the House of the Serpent Handler: A Story of Faith and Fleeting Fame in the Age of Social Media by Julia C. Duin

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This book reports on six serpent-handling churches in five states, including two whose pastors died from serpent bites, then it focuses in on one young Cocke County, Tennessee, preacher. “Fearless and talented religion writer Julia Duin takes the reader to the inner sanctum of an East Tennessee serpent-handling community led by young, media-savvy preacher Andrew Hamblin, who uses social media tools to build his brand and sustain his flock. Duin chronicles Hamblin’s journey from his highs in raising up a growing worship community and burgeoning fame from reality television to his lows at the collapse of his serpent-handling community and the dissolution of his family.”—David Arant. This is the sixth book on American religion published by the author, Julia C. Duin. She lives in Seattle where she has been the religion editor of the Washington Times.

Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 2017. 227 pages with an Index, Bibliography, and photos. Trade paperback