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Hie to the Hunters by Jesse Stuart

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Jesse Stuart was one of the best-loved 20th Century Kentucky authors, and this is one of his best-loved books. Decades ago, Sue Bennett College existed in London, Kentucky, but closed down a long time ago. They used to have a craft fair in March or April that was the first one anywhere near of the season. They invited me to sell books there, and we got checks from Knoxville and Cincinnati. An old man in overall came by my book exhibit and asked me if I had Hie to the Hunters. I pulled it for him, and he said he already had a copy. He told he that it was the only book he had ever read. He said he had got as far as a hundred pages in other books, but they just were not as good, so he just discarded them and read Hie to the Hunters again

Ashland, Kentucky: The Jesse Stuart Foundation, a 1988 reprint of a 1950 release. 265 pages. Hardback in dust jacket.