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Hanging Rock Rebel: Lt. John Blue’s War in West Virginia & The Shenandoah Valley - Along with Other Writings edited by Dan Oates

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Lt. John Blue (1834-1903)  was born and raised near Hanging Rock,  where the South Branch of the Potomac River slices through Mill Creek Mountain in Hampshire County, Virginia, now West Virginia. As a Confederate soldier, scout, and courier he had a unique vantage point for seeing the Civil War as well as a gift for expressing what he saw. He wrote her recollections down 35 years after the war. His experiences include capture, escape, and rescue. He served in both the Shenandoah Valley and the Alleghenies. The editor, Dan Oates taught at the W. V. Schools for the Deaf and Blind and now works at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, where he coordinates services for blind and visually impaired student visitors.

Parsons, West Virginia: McClain Printing Company, a 2017 revised edition of a 1994 release. 337 pages with an Index, illustrations and photos. Trade paperback