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Grave Robber Confessional by Larry Thacker

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In this remarkable poetry collection, Larry Thacker figuratively robs the graves of the dead and confesses to an obsession with the power and the inevitability and the profundity and the omnipresence of death in our lives. “In this beautifully crafted, multifaceted narrative, that examines the ultimate human curiosity, Larry Thacker persists in piercing the ‘stubborn membrane’ of obsession and passing – people, land, tradition, loyalties memory. Yet this collection of characters, places, and perspectives is as light as it is dark, as hilarious as it is poignant, as enlightening, as it is necessarily opaque. While we travel his liminal landscape, the ghostly become gift and our blind future curiously seductive.” Darnell Arnoult. Larry Thacker grew up in Middlesboro and served it as a local politician while working nearby at Lincoln Memorial University in several important positions. Then love called him to Johnson City, Tennessee, where he now lives. His dedication to writing has resulted in a book of paranormal folklore, Mountain Mysteries, a poetry collection before this, and two chapbooks. It also brought him to and through the West Virginia Wesleyan low residency MFA program.

Charlotte, North Carolina: Main Street Rag, 2019. 80 pages. Trade paperback