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Grandfather Tales by Richard Chase

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This amazing book has been in print ever since 1948! The companion volume, Jack Tales, has been continuously in print since 1943!  Richard Chase (1904-1988) was a pioneering Appalachian folklorist whose contribution continues to be vibrant today. Most of his other books have gone out-of-print, but these two remain. Chase has been criticized for "cleaning up" authentic Appalachian folk tales, but - like singers of the folk revival - he has brought appreciation for folk stories to millions who might not have enjoyed the kind of word-for-word transcriptions of the academic folklorists. In his later years, those organizing panels on folklore were urged to make sure Chase was the last to speak on the grounds that he would be so long-winded that otherwise the the other panelists would never have a chance to say anything before the audience left. And he did act entitled, ordering his hosts to immediately meet his every whimsy - so much so that one of his hosts commented that he was surprised that Chase "didn't expect him to hold his pecker while he peeed." Chase was born and raised near Huntsville, Alabama, and graduated from Antioch College in 1929.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, a 1976 reprint of a 1948 release. 240 pages. Trade paperback.