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Free Some Day: The African-American Families of Monticello by Lucia Stanton

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Published  in 2000, four years after the author, Lucia Stanton, published Slavery at Monticello, this book is more than three times longer.It is still understandably dependent largely upon the writing of Jefferson himself, but it it arranged in chapters most of which focus on one particular slave family, chronicling six families in all. This puts the reader's perspective where it belongs. "[Stanton's] extensive familiarity with the details of slavery at Monticello, based on many years of research, makes her certainly the most knowledgeable historian of the subject. Stanton's work brings us as close as possible to seeing the world of Monticello through the perspective of its enslaved community." -  William and Mary Quarterly.

Charlottesville, Virginia: Thomas Jefferson Foundation, 2000. 192 pages with a Preface by David Brion Davis, fold-out genealogical charts, Index, Notes, and photos.