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Family Hiking in the Smokies: Time Well Spent: Fifth Edition by Hal Hubbs, Charles Maynard, and David Morris

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This book divides the Great Smoky Mountains National Park into 8 venues and provides from two to a dozen hikes at each general location. Each listing is simple and enticing, broken down only into three parts: What age groups of kids can enjoy it; how to get there, and a description of the hike. There are neat text boxes throughout that give background, for example, on Tsali, the CCC, and what’s wrong with feeding bears. No wonder this book has had the appeal to justify five editions. The authors are long-time residents of East Tennessee who have hiked extensively with their families in the Smokies and have done volunteer work for the Park.

Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, a 2020 fifth edition of a 1991 release. 133 pages with Hike Index, Resources, Mileage Chart, maps and photos. Trade paperback.