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Fallen Blossoms by Maggie Pogue Johnson

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Maggie Pogue Johnson (1883-1956) was an African-American poet and music composer who was born in Fincastle, Virginia, in 1883 and married Dr. Walter W. Johnson in 1904. They lived in Covington, Virginia, and in 1910, she published Virginia Dreams, Lyrics for the Idle Hour, Tales of the Time Told in Rhyme, and in 1915 she published Thoughts for Idle Hours. Both have been reprinted recently. Their  son, Walter W. Johnson, Jr. also became a doctor and practiced there. After the death of her husband, Maggie Pogue Johnson married Dr. John Wesley Shellcroft in 1938. He was also a physician, and they lived in Parkersburg, West Virginia. In the early fifties this book and Childhood Hours with Songs or Little Tots were published. Neither has been reprinted. After the death of her second husband, she moved to be near her son and died in the hospital at Clifton Forge, Virginia.

Parkersburg, WV: Scholl Printing, 1951. Hardback.