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Everything Has Its Place by Howard J. Mize

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This is a fun little book to read to youngsters or for beginning readers. It tells of the positive purposes of even the yuckiest creepy crawly, bugs and frowned-upon creatures. “As an author, parent, and former science teacher, Everything Has Its Place works for me on every level. It pairs solid science with endearing illustrations in a way that will entertain while informing and opening discussions that will surely be carried over into everyday observations long after the book is placed back on the shelf. Best of all, it will help kids (and perhaps even parents!) overcome the "yuck factor" that too often inhibits a child's natural curiosity by showing how interconnected creatures are with one another, and thus with us. It even has a fun summary and lists references, elements all too often missing in children's books. This one will become a favorite.” --Danny Kuhn. The author, Howard Mize, lives in Charleston, West Virginia, where he is a science teacher and nature lover.

Terra Alta, West Virginia: Headline Kids, 2019. 32 pages illustrated on every other page in color by Nadeem Jones. 9” X 6” trade paperback