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Ely: Too Black, Too White by Ely Green

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Certainly light-skinned African-Americans do have to often deal with being ostracized from both white and Black groups for not being enough like them. And, of course, dark-skinned African-Americans often scoff at those exigencies and point out that light-skinned Blacks have always been treated wth deference in both the white and the Black communities. Ely Green (1893-1968) grew up in Sewanee, Tennessee, on Monteagle Mountain.  His autobiography, Ely, is one of my favorite books.It tells of his first 20 years there. This book is the autobiography of his whole life, spent mostly in Texas, but the first 139 pages encompass his growing up on the mountain at Sewanee. 

Amherst: The University of Massachusetts Press, 1970. 637 pages with a Foreword by Arthur Ben Chitty. Hardback, issued with a dust jacket.