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Edge of the Echo by KB Ballentine

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Between the Prologue and the Epilogue these poems  fall into four elemental sections: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. “Now and then poets come into our lives where words become art, sentences become canvases, poems become masterpieces. KB Ballentine's pages draw the reader into her retrospective of life, and Edge of the Echo will hang in the gallery of our minds where images turn into pictures that have developed over a lifetime.” – Margaret Britton Vaughn. ‘In KB Ballentine's new collection, Edge of the Echo, she reminds us that the earth supports us in beautiful and bountiful ways. These are thoughtful, layered poems of gratitude and reverence. Ballentine truly has a gift for painting with words. Every line evokes beauty in a stunning array of color. With a deep connection to nature, every aspect of life is filtered through the poet's lens of tenderness and compassion. These offerings bring us hope for the weary heart. Ballentine beckons us to ‘believe in everything again,’ and we do. A stunning collection to be celebrated and savored.”- Cristina M. R. Norcross. KB Ballentine lives in Chattanooga and teaches theater to high schoolers and English at the college level.  

Oak Ridge, Tennessee: Iris Press, 2021. 124 pages. Trade paperback.