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Curing the Cross-Eyed Mule: Appalachian Mountain Humor by Loyal Jones and Billy Edd Wheeler

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Their first joke book - Laughter in Appalachia - was such a huge success that Loyal and Billy Edd were pushed to continue writing joke books. So they did. "You're going to love this book. It's funny . . . really funny." - Chet Atkins. This is a tasteful, but eclectic, collection as you can conclude from knowing that Loyal previously wrote The Preacher Joke Book, while Billy Edd previously published Outhouse Humor.  Both authors are icons. Loyal Jones, who was born and raised in Western North Carolina and worked most of his life in Eastern Kentucky, was the very first Director of the very first collegiate Appalachian Center.  His friend, Billy Edd Wheeler, who was born and raised in West Virginia and has lived most of his life in Western North Carolina, is a celebrated musician, song-writer and artist. You will love this book - if you are buying it for a gift, read it first.

Little Rock, Arkansas: August House, 1989. 211 pages. Trade paperback.