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Cleaning House by Jeanne G’Fellers

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This is book 1 in the author’s Appalachian Elementals Series.  In “A Note from the Author” at the beginning of the book, she states, “Cleaning House embraces the queer Appalachian experience, a unique blending of resistance, acceptance and perseverance. We, like the rest of Appalachia, are as hearty as they come . . . “ The lesbian protagonist of this novel is Centenary Rhodes. Cent grew up in East Tennessee, but escaped to Chicago at the age of eighteen until her great aunt, Tess, asks her to return to prepare the old homestead for the real estate market. What could possibly go wrong? "While this story is full of beautiful, wonderful queerness in all its glory, it isn't limited to that. It's also about taking care of each other and the earth; it's about coming home; it's about family of origin and chosen family; and it's about standing up against the forces of destruction all around us.” – A. M. Leibowitz. "I'd recommend Cleaning House to readers who enjoy an interesting story of elemental and other magic that has complex characters and explores sexuality, gender, and a person's sense of self." - Anne Barwell.

 Jonesborough, Tennessee: Mountain Gap Books, 2018. 285 pages. Trade paperback