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Buried Seeds by Donna Meredith

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The buried seeds are the seeds of meaningful engagement in the issues of the day that Angie Fisher gleans, through a scrapbook, from the life of her great great grandmother, Rosella who was a suffragette. Angie is a West Virginia teacher who is coming to grips with the challenges of becoming deeply involved in the 2017 teacher’s strike. “Buried Lives encourages us to ponder the commonalities, especially in women's lives. Though separated by a century, the lives of Ro and Angie share a theme of tension between caring for family and developing one's self . . . and finding meaningful expression in the socially progressive movements of their times.” -- Anne Barrett. “Meredith’s Buried Seeds is full of promise as families sprout, each in their own season, with women enduring great sacrifice to nurture the next generation. This novel reveals how strong women persevere through great resistance to secure the rights that are theirs and ours." --Cat Pleska. " . . . delicious, most certainly memorable, and filled with wisdom and ideas that nourish and sustain." --Marina Brown. This is the fifth novel of the author, Donna Meredith, who also has a non-fiction book to her credit. She is the associate editor of Southern Literary Review. She has degrees from Fairmont State and WVU and taught in West Virginia before retiring to Florida.

Wild Women Writers, 2020. 283 pages. Trade paperback.