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Boonesborough Unearthed: Frontier Archaeology at a Revolutionary Fort by Nancy O’Malley

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This is a wonderful archaeology book, but it puts the archaeology in context so thoroughly that it is also a really good book about Fort Boonesborough and its role in American history. "Nancy O'Malley focuses the unique perspective of historical archaeology, blending documents, oral tradition, and the material culture record preserved in the ground on one of the most famous pioneer sites in Kentucky. This highly readable work offers more than new insights on the Boonesborough fort and community, providing fascinating perspectives on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century life in all of Kentucky. It will appeal to a wide audience."―Kim A. McBride. "Boonesborough is a historically significant American site that is part of American frontier mythology. O'Malley has done it justice while unraveling many loose ends found in the received oral history by looking at a wide variety of materials, ranging from geology and botany to the political machinations of land-hungry easterners on the dangerous fringe of the new United States."―Lawrence E. Babits. The author, Nancy O’Malley, is a professional archaeologist specializing in Kentucky during the Revolutionary War time period. This is her second book on pioneer stations in Kentucky.

Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2019. 224 pages with an Index, Bibliography, Notes, photos, maps, and illustrations. Trade paperback with dust-jacket-like cover flaps.