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Ballad Makin' in the Mountains of Kentucky by Jean Thomas

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Jean Thomas (1882-1982) was a legendary early promoter of mountain music. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, she earned the nickname, "Traipsin' Woman" as a skilled court reporter in demand in the local Eastern Kentucky courts. From 1920-1972 she was the creator and organizer of the American Folk Song Festival held near Ashland. She promoted the music career of James William Day, who she renamed "Jilson Setters" to the point that he even performed in England! Her first book was Devil's Ditties published in 1931. This book documents her work with words to 90 tunes and music to 23 of them along with 28 photographs.

New York: Oak Publications, a 1964 edition of a 1939 release. 268 pages with 28 photographs and musical scores to 23 songs. Trade paperback.