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Backwoods Witchcraft: Conjure & Folk Magic from Appalachia by Jake Richards

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The author is serious about this. He is a professional who makes his living as the owner-operator of Little Chicago Conjure, in Jonesborough, Tennessee, a supplier of Appalachian folk magic supplies and ingredients and lectures on the subject. He grew up in East Tennessee but spent considerable time with his great-grandmother in Western North Carolina, and traces some of his ancestors back three-hundred years in the region. Chapters include, “Folk Recipes and Remedies,” “Living by Signs and Omens,” and “Connecting with the Land.” “Engaging, sincere, and delightfully friendly, Jack Richards brings the unified spirit of all magick workers into your hands. A must-have for those interested in folk magick practices, whether for educational, enlightenment or practical use. – Silver Ravenwolf.

 Newburyport, Massachusetts: Weiser Books, 2019. 211 pages with a bibliography. Trade paperback.