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Appalachian Mountain Religion: A History by Deborah Vansau McCauley

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Along with Loyal Jones' Faith and Meaning in the Southern Uplands, this book is one of the two most outstanding overviews of regional religion. I love that she writes in her Acknowledgements, "Specialized book dealers are often the unsung heroes of research. George Brosi of Berea, Kentucky, is very much a "regional treasure" as he was characterized in a recent issue of [a periodical]. Through his book concern, George has placed in my hands several extremely important - and little known - works. His unsurpassed knowledge of regional literature was invaluable to my bibliographic efforts." Loyal Jones, whose book had not yet been published, had this to say about Deborah's book - "A monumental achievement. . . . Certainly the best thing written on Appalachian Religion and one of the best works on the region itself. Deborah McCauley has made a winning argument that Appalachian religion is a true and authentic counter-stream to modern mainstream Protestant religion."

Urbana: The University of Illinois Press, 1995. 551 pages with an Index, Works Cited, Notes, Essay on Sources, maps and photos