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Appalachia My Land by Muriel Miller Dressler

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Published in 1973, this book of poems has been one of the most sought-after out-of-print books dealing with Appalachia for decades. Muriel Dressler (1918-2000) lived in Witcher, West Virginia, in the Kanawha Valley, the descents of generations who lived there, and never completed high school, yet read her poetry at many college campuses, including Harvard. Jesse Stuart's endorsement stated, "This is Muriel Miller Dressler at her best. She really sings Appalachia. This is an excellent book. She is one of the top poets of the Appalachian World. The extension in her poetry goes beyond Appalachia. This book is Appalachia!" She published one other book of poetry celebrating her region, simply titled, Appalachia, in 1977. It is very scarce, but not rare like this, her first book.

Charleston, West Virginia, MHC Publications, 1973. 47 pages with photos.