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Appalachia Inside Out: A Sequel to Voices from the Hills edited by Robert J. Higgs, Ambros N. Manning, and Jim Wayne Miller

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Volume 1 and Volume 2 sold together. In 1975 when Higgs and Manning published Voices from the Hills, it transformed the nascent academic field of Appalachian Studies by bringing together the most valuable non-fiction and fiction sources that told the story of our region. Two decades later, in 1995, there was nobody on God's green earth better to work on the update than Jim Wayne Miller, an icon in the field. Twenty-five years later, published in 2020, we have now have Writing Appalachia, An Anthology edited by Katherin Ledford and Theresa Lloyd which reflects a more contemporary view and an update of crucial sources about the region. All three are vital. None supersedes  the previous great efforts.

Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1995. Vol. 1, 347 pages plus index; Vol. 2, 753 pages plus index.