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All the Foregiveness by Elizabeth Hardinger

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The setting of this debut novel is an Eastern Kentucky farm at the turn of the twentieth century. The protagonist is Bertie Winslow, who, at fifteen, is forced to raise her four younger siblings when her mother dies and her father proves to be dissolute and unreliable. Her two younger brothers take after their father and eventually move in with an older brother, but Bertie keeps her younger sisters even after marrying young and moving to Kansas with her new husband. “Elizabeth Hardinger has given us a heroine for the ages. In the face of unimaginable hardship, where survival is the only thing that matters, she learns strength and courage, and discovers joy in unexpected places. Her voice is strong and authentic and unforgettable. Equal parts tender and brutal, All the Forgivenesses is a rich, exquisite novel.”—Alex George. “Composed with unassuming wisdom and grace, All the Forgivenesses is an exhilarating testament to the human spirit. You'll fall in love with the remarkable Bertie, whose unwavering loyalty to family delivers her a life rich with meaning and hard‑won transcendence. A captivating debut by an exciting new voice in fiction.”—Wayne Harrison. The author, Elizabeth Hardinger, grew up in a Kansas family with grandparents who had moved there from Kentucky. She now lives in Eugene, Oregon.

New York: Kensington, 2019. 356 pages. Trade paperback.