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Turning of Days: Lessons from Nature, Season and Spirit by Hannah Anderson

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In her introductory “From the Author,” Hannah Anderson tells us readers that God reveals Himself in two ways: with his words in Scripture and in his creation, nature. Of course, the irony is that Anderson will use words in this book with the goal of presenting what she views as God’s lessons in nature and the seasons from her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The middle four of the six chapters delve into the four seasons. For each season, Anderson supplies short beautifully illustrated lessons she finds in particular manifestations of nature followed by scripture citations. "This book is an invitation to awaken the senses—sight, smell, touch, and hearing. It bids you leave behind the noise, the rush, the unforgiving concrete jungles and find a park or garden and sit awhile. Hannah weaves ancient biblical truths like parables, around her keen observations of the natural world her words a paintbrush displaying divine purpose and patterns. Nathan’s gentle illustrations of the outdoor world they both evidently love make this book a garment of beauty, woven by skilled words, colored by skilled artists combining to bring awe and wonder that inspire worship." –Guy and Heather Miller. "It’s amazing how much we can learn from nature, if we have the eyes to look, and the patience to ponder. Hannah Anderson’s beautiful meditations on creation help us appreciate the wonder that is all around us, and the unique insights creation provides into the character of God and the life of faith. Reading this book is like going on a long, refreshing walk in the woods—it nourishes your soul in ways you can’t fully articulate." –Gavin Ortlund. "As soon as I finished reading Turning of Days, I went back to start reading it again. There is an abundance of searching, patient wisdom here, drawn from things we always see but rarely notice, and written in beautiful prose. Read, and enjoy." –Andrew Wilson. The author, Hannah Anderson, is the author of several books of devotions. She and her husband are raising three children.

Chicago: Moody, 2021. 170 pages illustrated by Nathan Anderson, and with [foot]Notes. 8” X 8.5” trade paperback with cover flaps.