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The Endling by Deborah Maxey

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Emerson Grace Coffee is the endling in this Christian novel because she is the last surviving member of a Native American tribe. She was home-schooled by her grandfather, Edward Two Eagles, who left her a stone cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Shortly after she moves there as a young adult from New York City, the FBI invites her to join their witness protection program because a notorious New York gang has ordered a hit on her. She refuses, vowing to depend on her knowledge of the mountains. Her decision-making becomes more challenging when three innocent children living in an artist colony nearby are caught up in her drama. "Dive into a world of enchanting characters from the small Virginia mountain town of Colony Row. You'll fall in love with Emerson Grace as she unravels the last secret her grandfather, Edward Two Eagles, left for her to solve. The mystery twists into powerful suspense that leads Emerson back to herself and gives her the wit and strength to stop the sinister plot to her own murder. Powerful." --Linda Evans Shepherd. The author, Deborah Maxey, is a psychotherapist and painter as well as a debut novelist.

Birmingham, Alabama: Firefly Southern Fiction, 2021. 290 pages. Trade paperback.