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An Uncommon Woman by Laura Frantz

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Set in the Western Virginia Mountains in 1770, this historical novel’s protagonist is Tessa Swan who was born and raised in these mountains alongside five brothers toughened by their harsh environment. Her life changes when Clay Tygart returns to command a nearby fort with Tessa’s childhood friend, Keturah. They both were raised as captives by Lenape Indians. The tension tightens when Tessa is captured by the tribe that raised Clay and Keturah. "In An Uncommon Woman, author Laura Frantz transports readers to a setting she has mastered, the eighteenth-century mountain frontier. Sensory-rich descriptions bring the landscape to life. Traverse perilous forest trails, shelter with raw relief in the rough but welcoming environs of a fort, experience the tension of an isolated homestead that might stand peaceful today but lie in smoking ruins tomorrow. Peopled with characters as resilient and compelling as the terrain they inhabit, An Uncommon Woman is an engaging story that had me up late turning pages.” - Lori Benton. The author, Laura Fantz was born in Ashland, Kentucky, and raised in three other Kentucky towns in a family with ancestral ties to Berea where she was baptized at the age of 12. Her eleven books have won her a Christy Award and been deemed best-sellers by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Revell/Baker Publishing Group, 2020. 377 pages. Trade paperback.