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We Imagined It Was Rain by Andrew Siegrist

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These sixteen inter-connected stories are mostly set in an imagined town in the East Tennessee hills. "With We Imagined It Was Rain, Andrew Siegrist establishes himself as a magician on the page. The stories in this collection transport its readers to the deep woods of Tennessee, where hearts are broken, where grief is fierce, and where humanity unequivocally abounds. From fireflies to baby snakes to a red lipstick kiss on the center of a forehead, Siegrist is a storyteller for whom nuance and detail still matter. This is a beautiful debut." Hannah Pittard. "Andrew Siegrist's collection of stories is a deeply moving and spellbinding look at the human condition, Tennessee, and the heartbreak of daily life. His stories move toward depth and beauty, never flinching. There is a quiet power in every detail Siegrist draws attention to, and I knew I was in the hands of a brilliant writer who writes honestly, tenderly. This is a gorgeous debut full of heart and power." Genevieve Hudson. The author lives on the Cumberland River west of Nashville. He is a graduate of the Creative Workshop at the University of New Orleans.

Spartanburg, South Carolina: Hub City Press, 2021. 196 pages. Trade paperback.