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Someone to Watch Over by William Schreiber

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The protagonist of this novel, Lennie Riley, grew up in the fictional town of Mosely, Tennessee, in the Smoky Mountains. She left home after she had a baby that she gave up. When she returns, she learns from her brother John, that her father, whose estrangement she wanted to end, has died. She saw him as the key to finding her daughter, Michelle. As John and Lennie begin to work together to find Michelle, all kinds of family dynamics and secrets emerge as they seek both religious and paranormal assistance in their quest. "Is this a ghost story? Maybe. Is this a grace story? Absolutely. A moving road-trip to second chances.” -Karen Eisenbrey. "I love this story! A life-affirming journey from profound heartbreak to inspired hope spanning four generations of mothers and daughters. You'll yearn to hug your family!" -Hope White. "...a heartfelt story about the complicated relationships within a family and the healing power of truth. I could not put it down!"-Kelli Estes. The author, William Schreiber, is a screen-writer who was born in Augusta, Georgia, grew up in Fort Myers, Florida, and now lives in Seattle.

 Independence, Oregon: Not a Pipe Publishing, 2020. 409 pages. Trade paperback.