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Shadows Hold Their Breath by Sherry Robinson

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Influenced by the feminist and anti-Vietnam War movements of the time, in October of 1979, Kat Hunter leaves her husband and her children in his care and boards a bus just to get away. She ends up in the artist community at Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and continues her self-discovery while guarding her huge secret. “An impressive and thoughtful exploration of the mistakes good people make.” - Kirkus Reviews (starred review and named by them one of the Best Indie Books for August). “Shadows Hold Their Breath explores one woman’s decision . . . rather than crumble under the weight of patriarchal roles. Kat is also burdened by grief and an unspoken love that perhaps even in her nascent self-awareness is still taboo. The novel offers no easy answers, no pure absolution, just Kat’s honest quest to accept – and live – her truth” – Marie Manilla. “Shadows Hold Their Breath is a complicated story about motherhood, grief, and self-discovery. Kat is a troubled, empathetic character searching for independence and understanding. Writing in spare, descriptive prose, Robinson asks difficult and important questions about responsibility and independence without offering facile answers.” – Carter Sickels. “Set against the backdrop of social unrest and shifting patriarchy, this novel of identity will leave you rooting for a character whose choices could easily be condemned. Robinson’s novel is a beautiful exercise in mercy.” – Julie Hensley. After working as an English Professor and directing the Writing Center, the author, Sherry Robinson, retired from Eastern Kentucky University as the Vice Provost. This is her third novel.

Lexington, Kentucky: Shadeland Modern Press, 2022. 272 pages. Trade paperback.