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Seeds of Intention by Andrea Thome

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This is the author’s second steamy romance novel set on the Tennessee side of the Smoky Mountains. The protagonist, Garrett Oliver, who was also a character in Walland, the first book in her Hesse Creek Series, works as a gardener in a luxury resort. As he prepares to marry his college sweetheart, a new boss arrives at the resort and they feel the irresistible pull of romance. This is the kind of book that hurries the reader smoothly along at a brisk pace with a dollop of titillation. The author is a former broadcast journalist who covered both news and sports. She grew up in West Virginia, and now lives in Chicago. Thome is planning to set the third book in the Hesse Creek Series in Aspen, Colorado. It will feature one of the Seeds of Intention characters, but she is not revealing which one.

Chicago: Hesse Creek Media, 2017. 302 pages. Trade paperback