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Over the Moon by Natalie Lloyd

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Twelve-year-old Mallie Ramble lives in Coal Top, on top of the mountain where her father worked as a coal miner. Now Mallie supports her parents and little brother by working as a maid for a rich family down in the valley. They pity her because she was born without a forearm, and treat her with dismissive insensitivity. But soon this youth novel leaves the world of realism and ventures wholeheartedly into a fantasy world where Mallie can train flying horses and rescue her family from financial hardship. “Over the Moon is a lyrical adventure through a marvelous and strange world. I loved every moment of it.” – Jonathan Auxier. "Lloyd presents a bleak portrait of a fantasy-world mining community that faces similar challenges to the ones in our own real world, but Mallie's story is essentially one of daring journeys and heroic adventure." -- Horn Book. "Lloyd deftly sketches oppressive social and economic circumstances and firmly establishes Mallie's bravery." -- Publishers Weekly. “This tale sparkles like the stars that once shone above Mallie Ramble’s mountain. I am over the moon for Natalie Lloyd’s testament to love, hope, and perseverance – Kirby Larsen. This is the third youth novel of the author, Natalie Lloyd, whose previous novel was a New York Times best-seller. She lives in Chattanooga where she collects old books and listens to bluegrass music.

New York: Scholastic Press, 2019. 290 pages. Hardback in dust jacket