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Fractured Truth by Susan Furlong

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Although McCreary County is a real Kentucky county, this book is set in a fictional McCreary County in Tennessee. It is the middle book in the Bone Gap Travellers series. This book begins when a young woman’s remains are found in a mountain cave, and brand-new deputy sheriff, Brynn Callahan, an ex-Marine with PTSD, is charged with finding the killer. Brynn was born and raised in McCreary County as part of the tight-knit “Irish Travelers,” who immigrated from Ireland during the Great Famine and live secluded away in the county’s rural reaches. It doesn’t take long for her to discover that the murder victim is also part of her clan. “A harrowing tale of murder, bigotry, and redemption . . . whose twists and turns are complemented by raw descriptions of prejudice, physical pain, and the horrors of addiction.” – Kirkus Reviews. Susan Furlong has written three Georgia Peach Mysteries and two Novel Idea Mysteries. She lives in Central Illinois.

New York: Kensington, 2019. 280 pages with a Reading Group Guide. Trade paperback.