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Voices from the Hills: Selected Readings of Southern Appalachia edited by Robert J. Higgs and Ambrose N. Manning

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This book is another crucial link in the development of Appalachian Studies and Appalachian Literature as recognized fields of study. This book came out in 1975, a little over a decade after the initial works that were the true pioneers in the field - Cratis Williams' 1961 doctoral dissertation, The Southern Mountaineer in Fact and Fiction, and Wilma Dykeman's essay on Appalachian Literature in The Southern Appalachian Region, A Survey. In 1971 The Appalachian Journal  appeared and the next year, Appalachian Heritage (later shamefully extinguished by Berea College). This book appeared four years after the first Appalachian Studies Conference and two years before the first of the continuous Appalachian Studies Conferences.  Significantly, it combined fiction and non-fiction expositions of the region, following a roughly chronological path. New editions of this book appeared until 1995.

New York: Frederick Unger, 1975. 540 pages with a Selected Bibliography.