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The Long Way Home: Stories by Ron Lands

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These fifteen stories are set in a town reminiscent of the small Upper East Tennessee town where the author, now a mostly retired oncologist in Knoxville, grew up. Home stands both for the small town setting, but also for the home that all of us are heading for – those with cancer perhaps sooner than they had previously anticipated. That gives these stories a depth, as well as wisdom, not always encountered in this genre. “These stories take place in the homes, doctor's offices, and hospital rooms of a small Tennessee town, where doctors intimately know their patients, and patients exist in a generational no-mans' land between house calls and contemporary medicine. Lands' ability to explore their humanity as his characters navigate the unfamiliar makes these stories shimmer. Beautifully rendered sentence after sentence, The Long Way Home is the work of an expert in his fields”. --Susan Perabo. “Ron Land’s luminous meditation on the physical pain and suffering of the residents of Oak Grove, Tennessee . . .is an astounding literary triumph that will break your heart and then mend it with its deep abiding affection for small towns and the closely-knit souls who live, love, and die in them. Deeply resonant stories touched with humor, filled with grace.” – Sheryl Monks.

Huron, Ohio: Bottom Dog Press, 2021. 166 pages. Trade paperback.