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The High Pitched Laugh of a Painted Lady by Lewis W Green

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Lewis W. Green (1932-2008) was an investigative reporter so abrasive that he left the Asheville Citizen to create his own newspapers - The Native Stone and then The Independent Torch: A Journal for the Outraged and the Outrageous. Yes, he was so outrageous that he actually got excommunicated by the Episcopal Church! He was also the author of five works of fiction, published by well-respected publishers from 1966-1995. He was a native of Haywood County and a Korean War veteran. This book shares its inviting title, The High-Pitched Laugh of a Painted Lady with the second story in this collection, following, "Chaingang Preacher." Publishers Weekly wrote of this collection, "Green's characters ring true as he captures the spirits and souls and sounds of mountain men, touches the tensions and essences of lives. Exciting Stories from a gifted tale teller.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina: John F. Blair, Publisher. 1980. 161 pages. Trade paperback.