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Wildflowers and Ferns of Red River Gorge and the Greater Red River Basin by Dan and Judy Dourson.

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I reckon if these days they can sell jeans for more if they are pre-washed and a little scruffy, you can put out a brand-new book that looks like it is worn out, too. Nothing against what is inside the covers of this book, of course, but I’m not a fan of this gimmick.  The title actually sells this book short. The book itself acknowledges help from people in a variety of disciplines and starts with “Prehistoric History,” “Cultural History,” and “Geology” and has chapters on slime molds, algae, quillworts, trees, rushes, and lots of Red River Gorge life beyond the ferns and wildflowers of the title. "In Wildflowers and Ferns of Red River Gorge and the Greater Red River Basin, Dan and Judy Dourson provide an in-depth review of botanical diversity in this fascinating region of eastern Kentucky. With its stunning photography, interesting text, and clear explanations, this book will appeal to naturalists of all backgrounds. Beginners will enjoy identifying plants they've discovered. Experienced naturalists will appreciate coverage of little-known species, several of which are specialties of the Red River region."―Robert Naczi. "The most noteworthy feature of this book is the photography―the images are outstanding, even breathtaking, in their clarity and detail and, together with the line drawings, are among the best illustrations ever published on the flora of the eastern United States. With modern nomenclature and up-to-date information on the status of the plant life (as well as comments on fungi, lichens, algae, and mosses), this book is a most welcome addition to the literature on the flora of Kentucky."―Ronald L. Jones. Dan Dourson is the author of ten books. He worked for the US Forest Service in the Red River Gorge. His wife, Judy, is an educator, researcher, and editor.

Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2019. 477 pages replete with color photographs and a Glossary, Bibliography, Species List, Index of Common Names, Index of Scientific Names, and Safety Tips while in the Woods. Flexible plastic cover.