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What They Yearn For: Volume Two by Victor Depta

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Vic Depta grew up on Buffalo Creek – yes, the Buffalo Creek that was flooded in 1972 when Pittston Coal Company’s coal slurry impoundment burst, killing 125 people, injuring over a thousand and leaving more than 4,000 homeless. He taught at the University of Tennessee at Martin and has retired to Frankfort, Kentucky. He is a prolific author of poetry and fiction and a devoted opponent of strip-mining for coal. He is also the publisher of Blair Mountain Press. This novel features elderly female professors who become sleuths when they cannot be convinced that the wife of their department chair at their Eastern Kentucky University died of suicide. Depta has divided this novel into two parts:  “Where to Run, Where to Hide” and then “The Temple of Scattered Lives.”

Frankfort, Kentucky: Blair Mountain Press, 2021.321 pages. Trade paperback.