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Bigfoot and Woolybooger Tales 2 edited by Judith Victoria Hensley

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I have placed this collection of essays in my non-fiction section, not in short stories, because the authors are telling their own experiences that they believe really happened. Personally, I doubt that a species of mammal, especially a large one, could possibly be elusive enough to avoid contact with biologists. Anyway, it makes for fascinating reading. This is the second collection of bigfoot stories by the editor.  Judith Victoria Hensley is a Harlan County native who is a retired science teacher at Loyall Elementary School there. An innovative teacher, her first editorial accomplishments were to produce collections of the writings of her students. These books were loved by the students, their kinfolks, and community members as well as by scholars and readers. She became interested in bigfoot slowly over time as she believed she saw panthers that others felt were no longer native to Harlan County. After compiling a couple of panther anthologies, she began to make more and more contact with others who claimed to have made other kinds of sightings.

Harlan, Kentucky, self-published, 2020.  287 pages with photos and illustrations. Trade paperback.