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Appalachian Mushrooms: A Field Guide by Walter E. Sturgeon

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Frankly, the main difference between this book and last year’s Mushrooms of the Georgia Piedmont and Southern Appalachians by Mary L. Woehrel & William H. Light seems to me to be

that this book is a paperback and last year’s is a hardback. This one is about an inch wider and an inch higher – not much difference there. I do think this book is more dazzling with its plethora of photographs. I reckon most people either don’t care about the subject or are so enthralled by it that they would want both books. “A significant contribution … because the photos are the very best I have ever seen in an American field guide, this book will find readers and users well beyond the limits of its geographic range.” - Gary Lincoff. “This may well be the most accurate guide I have seen. Appalachian Mushrooms is unquestionably the work of someone who has spent a lifetime studying and mastering identification of the mushrooms that occur here. It is the most current and up-to-date book on the fungi of Appalachia.”—John Plischke. The author, Walt Sturgeon, lives in East Palestine, Ohio, and is the son of a mushroom hunter. He has received the North American Mycological Association Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology. He has co-authored two mushroom books, and this is his third as a single author.

 Athens: Ohio University Press, 2018. 496 pages with two indexes, References, a Glossary and color photographs every few pages. 10” X 7” trade paperback