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Colonial Records of the Upper Potomac: The French and Indian War and Frontier Devastation, 1755-1761 by William H. Rice

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This is the last of six books that together provide a plethora of information about the Upper Potomac watershed of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland during the Colonial period.  Not only has William H. Rice of Elkins, West Virginia, combed through and discovered an amazing array of documents found in obscure places, but he also has a rare talent for putting this documentary evidence in context. The series includes 1,200 pages of abstracts from several thousand documents. What a gold mine for present and future historians and genealogists!

Parsons, West Virginia: McClain Printing Company, 2016.  306 pages, 8.5” X 11” with maps and some photocopies of hand-written original documents.  Trade paperback, $29