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A Sweet Spot Called Home: Oakvale, W.V.: How We Lived and Why It Matters by Carl Boggess Honaker

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When he died in 2000, Carl Boggess Honaker asked his brother and daughter to see if they could publish the memoir he had written. Twenty years later, the pandemic provided the time and solitude that his daughter, Susie Honaker Wirzbicki and his brother, Randolph, needed to get the job done. This is not the story of how Carl Honaker became a scientist and professor. It is the story of his home town and the institutions there that formed not just him, but his kinfolks and neighbors in the 1930s.

Charleston, South Carolina: Palmetto Publishing, 2021. 193 pages with photos and preliminary essays by Randolph Honaker and Susie Honaker Wirzbicki.  Trade paperback.