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$5 Books

Some of the very best books are the least expensive. That is true!  Several reasons for this.

  1. The books that are the most popular sell the most copies. That means that I am more likely to find them anywhere used books are sold. The more copies I have, the more anxious I am to sell them, and the best way to increase sales and decrease my inventory is to lower prices!
  2. Since popular books are found everywhere, they are found at the least expensive places where books can be bought. Other booksellers, like myself, lower prices when they have more copies. And when I get a less expensive book, I’m more likely to sell it cheap.
  3. The way the book business works is that most of the expenses for publishing a book are one-time, up-front, expenses – paying editors to acquire books, paying workers to edit them, paying the artists who decide how they will look, and paying to set up the presses. Once all that is done, the difference – really – between running off 5,000 copies and 50,000 copies is relatively minor. So publishers do big print runs of books they think are likely to sell well, and just figure if they have a bunch of extra copies that haven’t sold, they can sell the remaining copies cheap to “remainder” dealers who sell them below the list price. I buy from remainder dealers, and I also find used copies of books that have been remaindered and are thus less expensive.

Enjoy browsing this collection of books that are worth lots more than they cost. Lots of book dealers change $4.00 for postage and handling, and I charge nothing for that, so these books are effectively $1 each, plus postage and handling.

-- George Brosi