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The Heritage of Old Bumcombe County Vol. 1 edited by Doris Cline Ward AND The Heritage of Old Buncombe County, Vol. 2 edited by Doris Cline Ward [spine title: Old Buncombe County - North Carolina]

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Because 12 counties were formed out of the original Buncombe County, this book covers the territory from present-day Yancey County down to Henderson County and over to Cherokee County and back along the Tennessee line. Most of the books written by Doris Cline Ward of Asheville are genealogical in nature, and the first volume contains 600 short family histories written by family members while the second volume contains even more. The sketches here are not confined just to families, but cover many different important Western North Carolina institutions.


Asheville, North Carolina:  Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society, Vol. 1, 1981, 491 pages with an index and photos;  Vol. 2, 1987, 413 pages with an index and photos.